Tuesday, October 24, 2017

6 Stylish and Simple Halloween Inspo

It’s the season to be creepy lalalalala la la la la! Happy halloween girlfriends!

Aside from Christmas, Halloween is the second most anticipated occasion where everyone is expected to look their best.

Naturally, we ladies do not want to be left out so here are three versatile pairs to help you get your look together in the most fab and comfy way.


Pair # 1:  Black loafers (BT 7025)

Comfort and style come as our first priorities so what can top these basic patent loafers with one cm thick cushion. Its low block heel is definitely a must-have if you want to keep that in-character smile the whole evening. What’s best is you can still wear it on any occasion after the party. 


Costume Inspo 1: Wednesday Adams      

Costume Inspo 2: Female Joker

With a simple hair braid, black lipstick, long sleeved dress, black stockings, and this pair patent block heels, you can perfect the Adams Family vibe or if you are really brave, be nasty with the female joker character.

 Pair #2: Super red heels 
(BT 7035)

This ‘nothing shoe’ will absolutely take your costume to a higher notch. Its bloody red hue will give everybody the creeps but make them wonder where its heels went with its clear heels. Grabbing a pair of this for your Halloween attire would not be a waste because you can also wear this on your Christmas party.


Costume Inspo 3: Female Billy the Puppet     

Costume Inspo 3: The Red Queen

 Everyone in the 21st century knows who Billy the Puppet is. They may not know the name but show them that super contoured cheeks with red swirls and they will know who you are talking about. This pair can also be worn if you are aiming for the Queen of Hearts look.

Pair #3: Metallic caged heels (Madison)

Aside from style and comfort, we take pride in producing sturdy footwear to ensure that you radiate confidence in every step. These are dyed in basic colors to suit any occasion and its majestically designed wing inspired vamp will serve as your chariot on your way to the land of the gods.


Costume Inspo 5: Megara        

Costume Inspo 6: Helen of Troy

Dressing up as one of the almost princess in Disney will be a piece of cake. You can even be your own version of Helen of Troy!

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