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Hues and You!
Knowing your personal colours!


7 seconds.

This is all it has to take for someone to have a first impression of you. This is also the amount of time you need to subconsciously scan a stranger from head to foot. You notice their hairstyle, eyes, physique, and fashion sense. Of course this includes their shoes.

We, women, are lucky that there’s a vast variety of shoe styles and colors we can choose from. However, sometimes, the style of shoes we want is only in colors that will absolutely ruin the look we want to achieve!

Worry no more! Here are ways for you to spend less time in choosing the best pair of shoes for your ootd and your natural skin tone!

Method 1 - Color Test

  1. Cream colored fabric
  2. White shirt
  3. Natural lighting (The light should be just right. It should not be beaming on your face. It must also not be too dull.)
  4. Mirror

Step 1 : Don on a white shirt. If you have dyed hair, put your hair in a low pony or bun.
Step 2: Place the mirror in a secure spot in front of you. Check your lighting. Your reflection should have just the right amount of light.
Step 4: Notice how your face looks. Does it look fresh or tired?
Step 5. Spread the cream colored fabric on your chest and shoulders. How did the aura of your face change? Does it look better with your white shirt?

Some colors will make you look fairer and some will make you look pale. Now let’s check the result of your color test.

White Shirt
Faced looked better with this
Cream colored fabric
Faced looked better with this

Method 2 - Vein Test

Clench your fist. Check your veins if their color is blue or green, or both. If the color of your veins are in between blue and green, you belong to the group of people who have neutral tones. If it’s blue, then you have cool tones. If green, you have warm tones.

Now here are the colors you’ve been waiting.

Shoe color for Warm Skin Tone
Do not feel trapped if you have a warm skin tone. Yellow, orange, and red belong to the family of warm colors. You can choose from a wide variety of shoe collection with different shades of the hues just mentioned.

Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez have warm skin tones. You can check out more of their style and colors that looks good on them would more or less look good on you.
CNN 8166 2.jpg

Since you are warm toned, you would look great in gold, rose gold, and copper. For a muted yet fancy style, you can try on these block sandals.

Colors for Cool Skin Tones
Blues, greens, and purples are perfect for you if you have a cool skin tone. Anne Hathaway and Scarlett Johansson have cool skin tone. Browse through the color of their best outfits and compare it to the best colors you have tried on so far. If they match, then you definitely have a cool skin tone.
BT 7025 (18).jpg
CNN8128 all.jpg
You also look good in silver!

Colors for Neutral Skin Tones
If you are having a hard time identifying the color of your veins because they are sometimes blue or green, then you must have a neutral skin tone. You can wear colors that are in the middle in the color spectrum. Nudes, taupes, and off whites are for you.

doll studs.jpg
BT 7016.jpg
If those with warm skin tone would look best on gold and those with cool skin tone on silver, you can have the best of both worlds because you have neutral skin tone.
Muriel (2).jpg

You may visit Zalora Ph for other choices and smoother online purchase.

If you have warm skin tone, does that mean that you can no longer wear blues, greens, and violets? Absolutely not! The colors we mentioned above are just guide. Every color has a warm and soft shade so do not be afraid to experiment with different colors.

We know it is too much to process but you can try visiting this website for a more detailed guide.

Congratulations! You now have a better judgment on the color of shoes that would suit the color of your feet or find a pair that balances well with the color of your top.

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