Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Annyeong Haseyo!

You often hear this as a joke but for fangirls like us, we all know this is our first step to get closer to oppah.

This scene was captioned with “when shoe lacing becomes an art” in a TV show when they interviewed 2016’s hottest Korean male lead, Song Joong Ki.

Photo grabbed from Google Images results for Descendants of the Sun shoe lace

You do not have to be as innocent-looking as Song Hye Kyo.
You need to be beautiful just like you, the Korean way!
Shine with these new released pairs that will surely help you land the oppahs of your dreams!

Running in these will be like Eun Tak waltzing to Kim Shin because of its 1 cm thick cushion. Definitely a win! You can speed off  from school to your part-time job, and
scoot when you bump into a Grim Reaper!

Its sturdy plastic outsole is designed to give you comfort and poshness.
Its thickness prevents your feet from getting drenched when it rains while helping you
find your center of gravity in every step.
Its stacked block heel with matte finish gives you the high-end look
without coming off as being too snobbish.
You can use this whenever you want to hang out with your friends or even when you have an outreach activity. Maybe that’s where you’ll find your Yoo Si Jin!

If you are easily bored with one color, don’t sweat it.
This style comes in three different colors to suit your mood and the taste of a lot of oppahs!
(Nude Pink, Mauve, Black)

Shoe Care Tip:
When it gets dirty, just get a damp cloth and wipe the dirt off.

Don’t believe us?

Check this photo from PopSugar April 2012 write up.

It was also featured in the New York Spring/Summer collection 2013 in A Stairway to Fashion.

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